Know The Bank

Know The Bank

Introduction of Kibris Iktisat Bank Ltd.

Established in 1990, Kibris Iktisatbank works mainly with TRNC-based import companies in the food, automotive, white goods and spare parts sectors. We also work with construction/contracting companies, manufacturers, SMEs and commercial and institutional customers. Since its establishment, the bank has also provided private banking facilities and has continually improved its products and services. From 2000, we began to make significant investments in technological infrastructure.

In 2002, as a result of these investments, we launched the Lemar Advantage Card and pioneered the introduction of Telephone Banking Services in Northern Cyprus.

In 2003, we introduced our Smartcard, the first credit card in Northern Cyprus, and also launched a network of ATM Banking across the country. In 2004, Iktisatbank was the first to launch an Internet Banking facility. In 2006, we launched the first ever banking Call Center in Northern Cyprus.

Also in 2006, in response to the increase in the number of foreign residents on the island, Iktisatbank opened a Multicultural Banking Department to provide clients with pioneering banking services in their own language.

Since 2007, in response to their growing number, Iktisatbank has invested in a highly developed training and education system for its employees with both internal and external training courses, thereby improving and developing their knowledge of products and customer services. We were the first bank in Northern Cyprus to apply modern management concepts such as target and budget management, performance evaluation, staff empowerment and delegation.

In 2009, we strengthened our security measures through an Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan in order to provide protection against potential risks to both the bank and to customer data.

In 2009, Iktisatbank was the first bank to offer a mini-loan facility (‘Micro Credit’) to housewives in the Tatlısu area. This was a zero-rate loan offered under Iktisatbank's social-responsibility commitment to the community to provide financial assistance with housekeeping. The project continues to this day. In 2010, we were involved in providing finance for SMEs as part of the EU initiative to grant aid of up to 70% to assist with project development.

In 2011, following the Turkish government's agreement to provide assistance in the form of loans to local businesses, Iktisatbank was one of the five banks approved to make this type of loan. In 2012 ̶ 13, Iktisatbank was once again approved to offer this loan facility to clients. As an active participant in this project, Iktisatbank has achieved a share of approximately 50%. In 2014, Iktisatbank was authorised to offer an additional government-supported loan facility to the programe, providing funding opportunities for investors in the tourism industry.

Since 2008, in order to increase market share, we have pursued a strategy of expanding our branch network. In 2014, with 16 branches, Iktisatbank is the largest private bank in Northern Cyprus.

In 2003, the bank's largest shareholder, Mr. Mete Ozmerter, founded Umbrella Insurance, which in 2011 became the second-largest insurance company in Northern Cyprus. In 2013, in order to include the insurance company in Iktisat Financial Services, its name was changed to Iktisat Insurance Ltd.

As the established leader in the TRNC's financial and insurance sectors with more than 20 years of knowledge and experience, the bank's aim now is to pursue international expansion.


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